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These people from Cyprus seem to know where the root of the problem is. On the other hand, in Spain there seem to be lots of "agents" who try to distract people´s attention to other targets and blame the Spaniards  for their problems . Certainly, Spanish politicians are working for their "masters" instead of working for the Spanish people, this is why they don´t mind their citizens and they are so wicked and corrupted. A faked democracy serving the Fourth Reich´s interests. What they didn´t conquer with tanks they are going to conquer through banks and corrupted butlers. Germany, likewise, is being used by the international banksters, once again. Interesting and illumined experiment! Needless to say the whole thing will become a catastrophe sooner or later. Doesn´t the Spanish Intelligence Service  know all these things? Are they defending Spain?
Indignación en Chipre

Como casi siempre. VOTOENBLANCO acierta.

He escrito en inglés con objeto de que buscadores de otros paises puedan tener una idea de lo que pensamos los españolitos de a pie y no lo que les dicen los agentes de desinformación y trolas.

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