domingo, 12 de junio de 2016

Unión Europea en decadencia

Esto es lo que dice este blog , mientras en España,como siempre, mirándonos el ombligo.


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A Brexit could cause the European Union to break down by triggering efforts by other nations to secede, the Swedish foreign minister has said.
Margot Wallstrom, the foreign minister of Sweden, said other nations could follow the UK with referendums and demands from reform if it votes “out” on 23 June.
The European Union with its destructive policies tailored to the banksters, its brazen corruption and its bureaucratic, imperialistic structure has become an intolerable dead weight on the people of Europe, including the Swedes.
Politicians would be wise to start planning now for a new post EU era with sovereign money, long term economic strategy, good trade and defence relationships because European Union is going to self destruct whether the UK votes for a Brexit or not.
Europe without the Globalist’s EU superstructure will thrive. We can dare to dream of freedom again, of proper education systems, flourishing universities, prosperous economies, young people with jobs and future, of culture, a strong defence force but also an end to participation in the NATO wars.

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